Mastering Services


– 1 track U$ 20,00
– 2 tracks U$ 40,00
– 3 tracks U$ 50,00 (save U$ 10,00)
– 4 tracks U$ 60,00 (save U$ 20,00)
– 5 tracks U$ 70,00 (save U$ 30,00)
– 10 tracks U$ 150,00 (save U$ 50,00)

– Exclusive Label and Artist deals for regular clients, up to 20% discount available, please contact to enquire about pricing

Preparing your tracks for Mastering – IMPORTANT!

– Listen to the mixdown file start to finish, be sure it is 100% correct before you send it.
– Name your mixdown files “Artist Name – Track Name.wav”.
– Do not send the tracks or the payment until BOTH are ready.  PayPal can take a week to verify bank accounts, start this process before submitting a song for mastering.
– I accept WAV files at any bit depth and sample rate, but prefer 24bit (or greater) files. Use the same sample rate that your DAW was set to while working on the track.
– Leave roughly 6dB of headroom (or more) for me to work with, and make sure that the “Normalize” and “Dither” options are turned off in your DAW when you render.
– If you used a compressor, limiter, or other dynamics processor on the master channel of the DAW, please send me a version without these as well.
– Masters are returned as 16bit/44.1kHz wav files or MP3 are also available if needed.
If you have any questions, please contact me: